Anti-WannaCry Tips From Semalt Expert

A few days ago, some pieces of malware hit the web and infected numerous computers within minutes. They took down everything from business websites to the National Health Services of the United Kingdom. The software named as WannaCry is what is famous as ransomware. It is a type of virus that burrows into your personal computer and damages a large number of files. It encrypts files on your device and limits your access. The creators of this malware lock your computer until you pay the ransom. They would not unlock your data, and you have to pay their fee within a few days.

It looks like the first stage of the WannaCry attack has been ended, and there are chances that the hackers will reactivate this malware in coming weeks. They aim to steal your personal data and money, and cannot let you avoid their malware at any cost.

Andrew Dyhan, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, defines some tips on how to prevent this program and what you can do to stay safe on the internet.

What is Ransom?

Let us begin with the basic information. Ransomware is a form of crime and infects your computer system. It locks you out and encrypts the files within a few minutes. The hackers want you to pay a few dollars. WannaCry uses a variety of Microsoft Windows operating systems to attack different devices. The first case was reported months ago when several hackers claimed to have damaged the systems of the National Security Agency. If your machine is affected and you refuse to pay the ransom, you would have to say goodbye to your private photos, tax files, and other data for years.

Where it comes from

Ransomware is one of the most famous and dangerous cyber crimes. The hackers want you to pay money through Bitcoin, but its policies changed most recently and became user-friendly to track criminals based on how they are paid. All of its groups are built together to create specific software that is sold on the internet like normal antivirus tools. The victims purchase those programs and install. Their computer devices get infected in no time.

How the hackers get you

The criminals or hackers get access to your computer system through the malware and viral software. Ransomware does not pop up on your computers all of a sudden' you have downloaded it from a website and don't have an idea of how dangerous it is.

The viruses and malware enter your computer systems when you click on the pop-up windows. The hackers, on the other hand, gain access to your devices and cause serious problems for you. They often send you amazing messages via emails so that you can click their attachments or their links. The attackers then determine your location and ask to pay ransom as early as possible. A few weeks ago, criminals hacked the systems of the Deutsche Bank in Germany. Cybercriminals are active on the internet round the clock. So if you want to enjoy shopping online, you are not supposed to choose anything else but DHL and FedEx for shipment.